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Departure time: 10.30/16

We will leave from the Marina San Antonio harbor and sail towards Margarita Island, which is reachable only by boat. Margarita offers a wild landscape, with high cliffs, small natural bays and deep blue waters. The island has three different blocks of rocks, Lock Rocks, and an iconic arch that we will cross by boat. We will stop for our first swim and for some snorkeling. With a 10 meter water depth, Margarita is home to barracudas and sting rays. We will then sail towards Cala Salada, famous for its green and blue waters, through Cala Saladeta, a tiny protected inlet, and to Punta Galera. This is one of the most iconic places of Ibiza, where the wind erosion has created a peculiar effects on its rocks. Punta Galera is a popular place, where people go to do Yoga or chill until the sunset. We will sail towards the San Antonio Bay to reach Cala Bassa Reef Cave, a natural spot famous for its red coral. Our third stop is the White Bay Rovira Tower, next to Cala Bassa. The White Bay Rovira Tower is a breathtaking place, with transparent waters and a wild coast. Our fourth stop is one of the beaches of Cala Conta; we will decide where to stop depending on the wind, we usually stop at either Dolphin Bay or Cala Contita Bay. Cala Conta is considered one of the best beaches of Ibiza. Our last stop will also depend on the weather conditions. If the wind allows us, we will go to the Big Cave (or Rave Cave Bay). This is a natural cave and an excellent for snorkeling. The alternative is Lighthouse Bay, an inlet of the Conejera Island and a part of the marine natural park of Ses Bledas Islands.